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Person-Centred Counselling for Individuals

People enter into counselling for many different reasons, each with their own individual history, experiences, personal pressures and ways of coping.

We will provide a safe and confidential place for you to talk though your difficulties and to explore your thoughts and feelings. The work will be done at your pace and you will be supported as you work by your Counsellor/ Pyschotherapist who will care for you and endeavour to understand your experience whilst offering insights along the way as you change and grow.

Many people who enter into counselling find it to be a life changing experience. The process of counselling facilitates deep personal insight and increasingly meaningful self acceptance. These qualities are then usually taken into personal and work relationships and are a catalyst for wider change and fulfillment.

Person-Centred Couples Counselling.

Sometimes you just need a third person in the room; a person who is not there to take sides, a person who can appreciate both sides of the relationship and facilitate the process of you working through the issues which are getting in the way of a more harmonious experience of each other. For example these issues can be difficult current life events or things from the past which get triggered and are in the way or difficulties in understanding each other or how the other works.

Person-Centred Couples Counselling will offer you a very naturalistic way of resolving your issues, gaining greater personal insight and connection with each other. Currently Couples counselling is available on Saturday mornings and afternoons by appointment.

Person-Centred Counselling for Young People.

At times it may seem that we are alone with our problems. It can be diffcult to find someone who understands us and it helps to have some time to talk through our problems and worries with someone who gets where we are coming from.

Person-Centred Counselling for Young People will give you a chance to be listened to and heard, taken seriously and respected. Sometimes things build up and we can find ourselves 'bottling up' our emotions and it helps to have a safe, confidential place to offload. You will have the time to talk about the things on your mind and talk through any problems you are having.

All attitudes and behaviours have underlying emotional and cognitive content. This may be linked with external factors, relationships or internal conflict including un-examined attitudes, beliefs and behaviours. Therapeutic dialogue facilitates the discovery and maturation of our subjective experience and world view giving rise to increased personal insight and emotional balance.

Life Coaching.

Life coaching is a facility now being increasingly used by managers in all areas and at all levels of industry, commerce and education.
Life can be a very demanding at times, if not all the time. It is sometimes these demands or the pressure of these demands which throw into contrast the areas of our lives we need to work on or develop. Through the process of coaching you will learn about how to tap into the resources within yourself to move you forward in new ways.

Coaching can focus on:
• particular issues
• or problems
• or ways of doing a task
• or changing a behaviour
• or our way of relating with friends, family or colleagues
• or how we feel about ourselves in a particular situation

With the aim to:
• Increase your confidence
• Achieve your goals
• Maximise your potential
• Improve your quality of life

You will work to uncover the foundations of your current situation and create new solutions to take you forward in a way that resonates with your values and standards.
In essence we will look at where you are, where you want to be, and how to get you there.


Individuals: Psychotherapy 60 per session.
Counselling. 45 per session.


Supervision is a service offered to practising counsellors as a space to work through difficulties or questions about practice and theory and explore how you are working with clients. It is a continuing opportunity to develop and improve your therapeutic work. Supervision is also a professional resource available when difficult situations arise for the counsellor.

Lee Wallace offers clinical supervision at the rate of 60 per hour. This includes administration and emergency out of hours telephone contact. It is important that we can establish and sustain a supervisory relationship, therefore an initial meeting (at no charge) to explore our compatability would be necessary. He is an experienced clinical supervisor and has supervised counsellors in a wide variety of clinical settings.


The content of the sessions is confidential and any information stored electronically and manually is protected by the Data Protection Act 1998.

If the content of your sessions is discussed for reasons of 'professional development' or any other 'clinical reason', your identity will be protected.

Your Practitioner has a duty to break confidentiality in the event of intent to hurt yourself and/or others; that the intent itself will be discussed and you will be involved in the process of breaking confidentiality.

Your Practitioner will keep case notes. Your identity will be protected and stored in a locked cabinet.

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